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Hi folks!


Been playing this game since before release (the tabletop card version).  It's been a while since I've done the basic RotR and was wondering what folks out there have been experiencing to be a good balance for a 2 adventurer party?


I think Kyra solo or duo just has so much going for her she's almost a must have.

Merisiel isn't that bad..but she is stymied by most kinds of magical banes.  And she does better solo with her class power.


Lini seems interesting since she has that 'add d4 to anything' but her base stats are low enuff that she needs it. 


I could go sword board and healer (Valeros and Kyra).


I do have a soft spot for arcanes and I like Seoni's art.  


Just putting it out there, which combo have you found to be relatively forgiving?


Thanks in advance for the input!  :dancing:

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