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[1.1.3] 2d4 difficulty for goblin + Invisibility broke Ezren's turn



Playing quest mode 5 person party: Ezren, Val, Lini, Seelah, Sajan.  Legendary difficulty with wildcards Driving Rain / Blood in the Sand.


Ezren at the Academy encountered and acquired Detect Evil which allowed him to explore again, encountering Traitor, which he defeated.  Played Charm Person which gave him Merchant which was discarded for another exploration.  The henchman Goblin Raider was drawn and Ezren had Invisibility in his hand.  The game asked if he wanted to encounter or evade with the little blue sword symbol on the right.  However, it seems like the scenario power to increase difficulty of goblins was also calculating in the background already because when I pressed the sword to encounter, both of the roll animations appeared on the screen to increase his difficulty by 8 and disappeared immediately and his combat ended with him having to discard his whole hand (I think the game said 8 damage which would indicate I rolled something but that option was never presented to me).

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