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Daily gold countdown doesn't update properly.



On the store's main screen there is a button that says "Daily Gold" along with a countdown until the gold is available (7pm CDT I believe).  Right after I collect the gold the timer appears to be correct, but if I put down the iPad and come back a few hours later the time hasn't decreased as much as it should have, for example displaying 20 hours when gold will really reset in 10.  It will even still tell me I have a few hours to wait after the gold time should have reset.


On the main screen the game indicates that I am "Logged in to GameCenter" with a little green dot under the wifi icon.


If I completely quit the app and restart then the time is correct (or it becomes the button to collect the gold if the gold is now available).  Also, if the time is incorrect and I purchase a treasure chest from the store the time then is adjusted to the correct time.  Lastly, if I turn off the network, the game will warn be about losing the network connection.  If I then re-enable the network and wait for the game to restablish its connection the daily gold time will then update to the correct time.


The daily challenges appear to reset at the same time as daily gold, and the challenge timer always appears correct - updating to the correct time even when the daily gold timer is incorrect.



iPad Air 2, iOS 9.3.5, PFID# 9D31AF5AADFCAA0C


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