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Anyone else notice what appears to be a knock-off/rip-off on Amazon?

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It was only uploaded a couple weeks ago, and the Icon, Screenshots, Description, and other information all appear to be straight out of the Pathfinder Adventures App.




Sadly, it appears a couple of customers may have purchased this. (Though from their reviews, it is hard to tell if they just applied the most recent patch instead) [/shots-fired]


I'd hate to see Obsidian take a bad rap for things they don't deserve (like a fake/malware app someone paid a 3rd party for), and anyone who was unfortunate enough to download the app would also miss out on a fun of playing through  [snark] half of [/snark] the real RotRL AP app, so I thought I'd post this here in case my suspicions are confirmed and the powers-that-be want to do something about this.





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As the size of the download is small, I 'll say that aren't including some of the files.

This is obvious fraud and I hope Obsidian can get this taken care of quickly.

That's about the right size for the APK-only portion of the game (just code, libraries, and basic stuff) if you're installing a split binary.  The other ~300 MB of assets get downloaded separately/concurrently as an OBB file when you're using the Google Play store.  


I wasn't aware that the Amazon store supported that, so aside from being an obvious ripoff, the App probably wouldn't even work (which seems to be reflected in the reviews).


Also, don't miss those "Amazing PvP matches !!!"  Hah.

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