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Merisiel Backstab removes all dice (hadda forfeit).



Device: Android

OS:  Android 6.0

Model: HTC One M9


Pass'n'play: off

Mode: Story

Characters: Merisiel, Kyra, Lem

Locations: Merisiel (Woods), Kyra (Farmhouse), Lem (Academy)

Turn order:  Lem, Kyra, Merisiel

Scenario/Difficulty/Wildcards: Brigandoom!, Legendary, Don't recall

Card encountered: Jubrayl Vhiski

First or subsequent explore:  Subsequent

Aid from other characters: None

Horde?:  No.


Merisiel encountered the Villain (Lem had just defeated him two turns before).  Both Kyra and Lem were at closed locations, so there was no need to temp-close.  Merisiel had only two cards in her hand.  Being Jubrayl Vhiski, I had to recharge both and, being Brigandoom!, drew two cards (both Staves of Minor Healing).  I selected my Backstab power and discarded one of the Staves.  The 8-sided die disappeared, as did the skill check display.  There was no way to go back, make the roll, or do anything by click the Options and Store buttons.  I tried going to the main menu, exiting, killing the PA process in Settings, then re-opening the application and hitting Continue.  I came back to a screen where Backstab had been selected, and I was being requested to recharge or discard a card.  There were no dice in the play field, there was no check display, and when I discarded a card, I was in a similar spot.  I took a screenshot at that point.  I then forfeited the scenario.


"I need a lie-down" is the new "I'll be in my bunk..."

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