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[1.1.3] Repeating crash resulting in progression break



iPad Air 2

iOS 9.3.5



Pass & play off, permadeath off

Quest mode with Valeros (General Store)/Merisiel(Farmhouse)/Kyra(General Store)/Seoni (Academy)

Heroic difficulty, quest power 1 poison damage when defeat Undead, wildcard power Retaliation (roll d6 after defeating monster, on a 1 take 1 fire damage)


Kyra encountered the Zombie Minion henchman at the GS. Defeated it using Spiked Chain +1. She was not required to discard to the poison damage. Then the Retaliation check came up 1, triggering that damage. She was required to discard a card. Then another. Then another. Then her last card in hand. Upon discarding the final card and pressing the arrow button to proceed, the app crashes.


When I restart the app and try Quest again, it picks up at wanting to discard the last card, and crashes again the same way. So, I cannot play quest mode at all anymore.

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I recognise this issue, pretty sure that I've reported myself. Very annoying! There's always been issues with Legendary - in particular, some combos of wildcard just seem to combine badly. Sad to hear the bug isn't fixed in the latest patch as I reported it for an earlier patch.

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