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Problems with Samsung Galaxy S5



Tried the supposed new supported phone format, but game is unplayable:


-location sliding table fields are empty (other than some UI imgs).


-no char is assigned to location after game starts


-char spotlight aura is near bottom of map, nowhere near place ita suppposed to be.


Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1

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Seems to have the same issue on

Motorola Turbo Android 5.1

Tried Quest mode


Layout looks more like a tablet, previous version worked fine on the phone (minus regular bugs), now its unplayable:

After assigning characters to locations and loading screen comes up with the map again, and not showing character icons by any locations

Location info slider is empty, no text, or count by card types.

NO able to explore, clicking on location deck moved the top card to the right, and then it vanished, and can try to explore again to the same results.

Clicking forfeit closes the menu window, but doesn't exists the scenario, and buttons no longer work.

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