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How to know card limit in party deck (?)

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Hi guys, for the first time I got some trouble with multiple card of the same type in my party decks. So game was asking to me to refill some cards in my character decks (it was an ally and a favor blessing). I imagined those cards would be lost, so I returned to main screen, switched same cards with other characters I wasn't going to use and I restarted the previous scenario.


But now I have the problem to know the limit of the cards I'm using in my decks to avoid to lose them changing the party members, because today I have several instances of the best weapons/spells/allies I have ever encountered.


I discovered that I can have only one Fox, but in some groups of characters I can have until 5 instances of an other ally from AD3 for example. Just those characters rarely play in the same party.


But now for me the question is... how can I know the limit for my cards? Because Vault content changes and Gallery doesn't seem to fit at all with my decks..

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Each char has a deck of 15 cards each, the number of each type depends on each char, you may check how many cards of each type (there is no limit on the same card, except if its a treasure card, in which case it depends on how many instances of that card you have in Vault/Gallery - both the same thing) in the party panel, select the char and check the cards tab.


Remember that theres no side deck or deck construction from cards in vault (only if you have less cards from a specific type for a char, and no other char in the party has extras of that type will you go get others from vault, and even then there are restrictions on what cards an be chosen), you get new cards from running scenarios, and each location deck is built from the cards in the Vault (base set + treasure cards), respecting the max level of the scenario (which is why one should salvage all treasure cards that one isnt interested in, to avoid the chance of them coming up).


That said, you can tecnically give a specific card one char found to another by making then go on a party together and give it to them in game or after the game (remember you STILL need to maintain each char deck setup for each char card type at the end, so if you dont have extra cards of that type, you need to trade cards).


Trading cards between different instances of the same char is a bit more difficult since you cant bring different instances of the same char in the same party, but you can still do it by way of an intermediary char, and running two scenarios with the intermediary char and each of the instances and do the trades/swaps.


The thing to keep in mind in this game is that while theres a deck building mechanic component in it, you dont have direct, unlimited access to it, it is used to simulate a char development through running adventures, like a RPG.

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Wonderful explanation mate! I really hope it can be pinned in the forum for all new players in future.


What I needed to know is right in the first sentence "no limit on the same card, except if it's a treasure card". So my Jakardros Sovark legion doesn't have to worry about it! :)


Really thanks mate

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