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permanent flame sword druid spell


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Just wondering if anyone has ran into or heard of this bug before. A couple playthrou's im doing i've noticed that sometimes my weapons gain the druids flame sword spell on them permanently after casting. I usually use it on my main warrior and other blade using characters, and i've seen a couple weapons take on the 1-8 fire bonus damage property and stay on. I've read about problems in the past with like haste/holy bonus's and such long ago but nothing on this bug.


No mods or anything of course, have 2 weapons with the bonus 1-8 on them permanent. Now of course an extra bonus never hurts but i never try and actually craft weapons up with fire on them due to the fire immune foes in the game, rather have the acid bonus. I guess when i really want to make a better weapon i can console the materials to make another and sell off those, but would be nice not to have properties just added onto the weapons in the first place that I don't want.

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