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You can still just make free new account actually, you don't need to get a subscription for it. When registering an account, just scroll past all the payment packages and click 'Create Account', essentially all you need is an email address.

Thanks. They make the subscriptions so front and centre and then they basically just bombard your perceptions with subscription packages while they hide "no thanks" somewhere in the corner. Iirc, it was like that the last time too. While I don't like such an aggressive approach(I am not sure whether I like the aggression at all tbh), I can't really blame them for trying to make some $$$.

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They are the best place to get mods for just about every game and do it themselves through donations. With PoE I don't use mods beyond additional portraits but imagine Skyrim or Fallout 3. NV or 4 without mods ..... Bethesda should write a big check to the Nexus team for making their games better and fixing their bugs.

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Can someone just put a link to it somewhere OTHER than Nexus Mods? I CAN'T register there. I try registering and it keeps feedbacking me back to $$$ page. Even if I pick "Lifetime"...**** that site! The worst code ever lol.


Can someone please put it on a normal site like moddb or something?

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Sorry for ruckus. NM has AWFUL UI design lol. See, on the "Register" page, there are three buttons:


Small "Create an account"

BIG "Continue"

Average red coloured "Cancel"


You'd think that numbers 1 and 2 do the same thing? Logical right?


WRONG! Continue button takes you BACK to from where you came(the page with sub offers). I mean...why does that button even exist?


Man the ****ty UI can ruin your parade. But really.

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