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Missing quest mode rewards





I've just leveled my team up to 31, finally unlocking their roles, which is awesome. However, Seoni was lagging behind a couple of levels having died a few times and only reaching 31 today, which is when the issues started.


When she hit level 30 she didn't get the card skill reward, but i thought no problem, just a glitch, hopefully it will unlock at the same time as her roles. The hitting level 31 just now she also missed out over roles unlocking!


The other members of the team are Valeros, Kyra and Merisial, all of whom are 32 and have received all of their rewards as normal.


It's just poor Seoni who is stuck.


I'm playing on an iPad Air 2 and haven't encountered many bugs, but this is a big one.


Please help

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This is being widely reported and the Devs are apparently working to prevent the issue from happening. Unfortunately, they haven't said that they'll have a way to fix characters that have been affected by the bug. So the bad news is, it looks like you've permanently missed out with Sajan (does that mean you missed selecting his role? Bad, very bad!)


You can try to avoid it happening in future (until it gets fixed) by following the article that I wrote for the main forum http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88872-quest-mode-missing-feats-actions-on-you-actions-on-obsidian/

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Sorry mate, that bug affect many other players from the last patch and still no hotfix has been released for it. So perhaps it will stay there forever because devs already excluded retro-fix for characters affected (but they could still change their mind..).


At the moment, you can only fast-rebuilt a new Seoni, paying extreme attention to win the scenario with all the party members around critical level up... Just don't remove the old Seoni to recover her cards for the new one at least...


That's the max help we can give you at the moment...

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