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Write-out the combat log to text file

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I'm hoping this is possible, not only for this game but for Tyranny and PoE2 as well, and looking for someone more knowledgeable with modding this game than I am. I've modded before for other games though the games I have modded were usual explicitly created with modders in mind. Creating something for this game, I'll admit, is a little over my head. ...and to the point:


Is it possible to write the combat logs generated during battle (in the combat pane) out to a text file? It doesn't have to be real time, though that would be nice, and can be saved to the disk on application termination. I may not know my way around creating a mod but I sure could parse a combat log and create tables, overviews, and charts showing damage our character do and the enemies tactics and power.


Thanks for any help/answer. I'm certain it's not doable but on the chance it is... well, let me know. -cheers-

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It should be possible, there is a Console class which should be hijackable with an iemod style overwrite. And then should it be an relatively easy task to write stuff to some file.


Fantastic! I'll grab iemod and start learning how it's made! I'll be back in six months. -laughs-

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