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Game crashing and leaving characters stuck with no action available



iPad mini 2

Version 9.3.2




Is pass & play on? No

Is permadeath on? No

Story Mode


Characters in Party

Rogue, wizard, cleric, barbarian


Burnt offerings: Attack on Sandpoint - Normal

Rogue @ Swallowtail Festival

Wizard @ The Old Light

Cleric @ Sandpoint Cathedral

Barbarian @ City Gate


Turn Order

Bard, cleric, rogue, wiz


After encountering a Goblin Raider with barb, defeating it with a glare then closing the location by defeating a bandit henchman (discarded a wooden shield) I used the ability to move to a new location before ending my turn. I selected Town Square and the game crashed. When I came back in I was still at the choose location screen so I picked Town Square again.


Then it was clerics turn but she was not able to do anything other than look at her cards, her discard pile, and her deck. I could forfeit the scenario, but that is not preferable.


I have had a lot of crashes in general today though, either after moving or drawing a card but was not paying super close attention to the details of those crashes. It could be that the internet connectivity being poor today is part of the issue too.

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I've had similar issues but I can't even quit. It happened after closing a similar place in quest with my fighter. My quest mode is stuck and I can't even quit the damn thing now! It recognizes that I'm pushing the menu button but doesn't do squat.


On Android, Motorola's newest droid ultra.

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