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[] Legendary Quest: discard 1 card infinite loop



Device: Hudl 2

OS: Android 5.1

PACG build:


Pass & Play: OFF

Permadeath: OFF

Mode: Quest

Party Members: Kyra, Seelah, Sajan

Turn Order: per party

Scenario: ?

Difficulty: Legendary

Wildcards: Blood in the Sand, Retaliation (scenario: 1 poison damage on defeating Undead)

Location: Farmhouse

Trigger: defeat Ghoul using deathbane light crossbow


Defeated the Ghoul and Blood in the Sand triggered and Sajan - as usual - took 1 damage. I discarded 1 card and then the discard 1 card dialogue appeared, so I assumed it was the scenario effect. Discarded again and then back came the damage dialogue. This repeated on a loop until i ran out of cards, at which point the Cancel and progress buttons were displayed and - after a pause - the game crashed.


I didn't see an active effect indicated during all this. I still haven't figured a way to break out of this loop.

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I've had the exact same bug. I think it was a different henchment and the trigger was retribution (roll 1d6 when you defeat a monster, on 1, take 1 damage). Damage went on a loop until out of cards, continue caused game to crash. only way out was to forfeit.

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