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Hi, I've been playing the game for just over a week now and am loving it. I've completed all available chapters and am now working my way through them all on legendary.


I've seen they purple rewards flash up at the end of the scenario but they are not appearing in my characters card list.


Do you actually win them for completing the legendary scenarios and mine are just buggy or do you just unlock them?



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Hi there, the second you said! :)

You can get only the cards from the location decks that you still have at the end of the scenarios and they replace other cards in your characters decks. So check carefully what you discard in the final decks management step.

All the rewards (as the chests) are unlocked cards that you can find. You can see all the cards you have unlocked in Gallery selecting the right filter at the bottom. More cards you have more chances you have to find them playing. And you can salvage duplicates that you don't need for same gold.

GL&HF mate :)

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