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Lord of a Barren Land: lingering AoE bug



First, I apologize that I am unable to supply a save near this point, since I do not have one.


​If you fight Raedric & crew during Lords of a Barren Land near his throne, and use any-target AOE DOT spells which linger after the death of Raedric, then these can hit Kolsc & crew after the cut dialog, which turns him hostile to you.  I noticed it since I play a PC wizard and sling a lot of spells in this fight.  (And it's a fun fight on PoTD around L3-4, btw!)



​1. Side with Kolsc & fight Raedric near his throne.

​2. Just before the end of the fight, have some long-lasting any-target DOT's covering the location where Kolsc will end up after the fight.

​3. Finish the fight, talk to Kolsc.

​4. Kolsc & crew will pop over near the throne, be hit by the lingering DOTs, and go hostile.

I don't feel that this really needs a fix for PoE1.  I'm reporting it mostly as something to keep in mind for PoE2 encounter design.  I think it would be more sensible for the folks you sided with to wait until all DOT spells in the area from your party have timed out, rather than moving right into them and getting mad because they hurt :biggrin:.


​Game version: 3.03, GOG version

​OS: Linux



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