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  • 0 Quest Issue ( in addition to reported reward issue )



In addition to the reported missing rewards if a character levels up but loses the scenario, I am seeing an issue with a recent victory in quest mode. Rogue reward is a random card, Cleric nothing, Sorcerer is pick a card type. I select spell for the sorcerer and get lightning touch, proceed to the rogue the card appears I select it and it flies up and off the screen. After this point I can't do or select anything and have to force close the game. When I reload the game the same thing happens.


What device type are you on?  - iPad 4
What version of the OS are you running? - iOS 9.3
What is your PFID#? - F4D72C76641A123D
Is pass & play on? - No
Is permadeath on? - No
Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? - Quest
Characters in Party - Rogue, Cleric, Sorcerer ( in that order )
Location of each character - Victory screen
Scenario & Scenario Difficulty - Normal


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