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Goldpact Knight freaks out at forum [3.03]



If you hire the Goldpact Knight for Caed Nua and rebuild the forum he'll often get stuck at the corner of it, twitching about in his walk cycle like a madman. I go to the Craft Hall a lot to sell all my crappy gear (I sell the good gear I might want to look into later to the Merchant Stalls) and seeing him do this every time is pretty unsightly.


I would imagine changing his walk path wouldn't be too difficult, and would be a lot better than having him freaking out in every single game in which you employ him and build the forum. Although this is a minor cosmetic bug so barely worth mentioning, I can imagine some new players could be entirely put off seeing it as they'd infer if such a small issue can go unresolved it doesn't bode well for the rest of the game or that it was indicative of a lack of professional pride from the developers over their own work. Fortunately I've played things like Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines in its buggy heyday so my tolerance is a little higher ;)

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