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Rewards bugged with new update



Device: LG VK810 4G tablet

System: Android 4.2.2


Quest Mode (but slightly related to Story Mode)


After failing two attempts at quest mode, I noticed that it was showing rewards that I wasn't getting. At first I thought it was showing what I would have gotten, but now my Quest characters have gained 3 levels without being given the rewards for those levels. Most notable, a power feat that I can't just go back and get. I noticed another post about a card feat as well, so this is likely related.


Also, it is showing the gold reward screen at the end and rewarding 0 gold. It didn't used to do this on a fail, and it didn't surprise me at first, but it might also be related. I also completed a Story Mode quest (successfully) and it still gave me 0 gold for finishing the scenario (previously, all the scenarios had awarded 100 gold).

It did the same thing, showed the gold award screen and animation, but with a value of 0 and no increase to my gold.

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