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Abilities Going SSJ



So... I wasn't going to bother posting but it's getting just too damn epic for my fragile little mind.

Link to thread of my post where Iconic Projection 1 shots the screen: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/88585-iconic-projection-goes-nuclear/
Link direct to imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/zdQIJ

The above is really weird because it's such a simple fight that it's hard to imagine how it even happened. I hardly casted anything and I'm only fighting Lions that use Knockdown. Nothing complicated is really happening and yet it still went mental.

Now this just happened (Torments Reach Across the Screen - pretty spectacular actually): http://imgur.com/KApFKJt

I've had other things like, instead of casting 1 Torments Reach it casts 8 of them in a row and uses up 8 wounds instantly (usually after being prone or disabled for a long period of time).

I'm getting instant casts if I re-queue abilities during an attack animation.

I verified my game files not that long ago. If I think of anything else that has happened or something else happens I'll add it here.


My question is... can you remake the game like this always? :p

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