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I can find the subforum just fine, but this isn't about that as much about the general opinion of players upon their thoughts on abilities(which one is generally considered weak because I intend to buff things instead of nerf things, it's just the way I think), what makes sense / does not make sense(exhortations not usable on self) etc.


I'd also like to know how often do the updates happen and whether there are any release schedules or not.


Because I definitely want to change some things to things that make sense TO ME(such as Rogues starting with at the very least High Deflection). But I'll take popular consensus into consideration if that'll make sense(meaning: provide good arguments). I'll just be number fiddling, so don't expect any miracles. But sometimes miracles are in the right ratios and right numbers at the right time, so...

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If you want higher deflection, wear heavier armor or plop some points into resolve... Increasing their base deflection would be a little overpowered seeing as they have one of the highest DPS in the game with sneak attack- and have access to the same talents/equipment as everyone else.

Seeing as Pillars of Eternity is at the end of it's development cycle, you probably won't see another patch in a while.

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