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Bug report: Satyr?



Apparently the check to defeat the Satyr doesn't count as a combat dexterity check. Blessing of Erastil only gives one die on it. It's not Ranged Combat check, sure, but it's not a non-combat dexterity check, either, since it's against a monster. That doesn't seem to be working as expected.

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It is a non-combat check. Just becasue it is against a monster does not automatically make it a combat check. If you look at the card, the only check you can choose to make is a Dex check, where as most monsters list Combat as an option. Same with the Siren and a Wisdom check, blessing of Sheylin will give 2 dice. And there are Henchmen and Villains that have other checks such as Arcane or Diplomacy which are non-combat.


Working as intended.

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