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Hi again,

I'm a bit thick so I thought I'd throw this here but I'm making myself a little spreadhseet to work out in game attributes in Excel. I quite like maths but don't often get a chance to practice it or be good at it or whatever. Anywho my question would be as follows...


Have I got this right:


Con = 10

Barbarian = 16 endurance p/l

Level 1 starting endurance: 48 as it would be 16 * (1+2) 

Level 1 starting health: 48*6


I'm working this out in excel so to factor in the constitution bonus I've got 


Level 1 starting endurance: 16 * (level + 2) * ( CBONUS % + 1)

If so I can do the rest of my sheet and have some fun with it.

Thank you!
EDIT: Playing around with it, I got it all wrong. Admin & Excel skills going badly wrong.

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It's 50.4, actually. It's rounded in the UI, but the underlying values are actually still (floating point) decimals. So you can deal, or be dealt, 0.3 points of damage.


This actually applies to many game values by the way, like armour DR. Eg. a suit of mail armour has 9 base DR, 13.5 Slashing DR and 4.5 Crushing DR.

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