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Interrupt timing

Loren Tyr


I've been experimenting with Interrupt, testing how it works in practice, and I stumbled across a bug. For the most part the attack durations are lengthened by interrupts as they are supposed to be, but if you hit and interrupt a target during the target's attack animation and after that target's hit has landed (ie. the damage number has appeared), the attack duration is actually shortened instead. Eg. in my testing I timed 5 attack cycles (in slow mode) of character B attacking character A at about 21.2 seconds. I repeated this, but now with character C interrupting character B a single time during the recovery phase with a 1s interrupt weapon, which increased the total duration to about 22.8 seconds, consistent with what you would expect (an in-game second taking about 1.5 real seconds in slow mode; there's obviously some measurement noise here, but these times are quite consistent across repeated tests).


However, if I time C's attack to land just after B's attack has landed, the total duration actually drops to about 20.2 seconds, the interruption actually speeds the victim up in this case. What seems to be happening is that the interuption stops the attack animation and runs a "getting hit" animation and then goes to recovery. But because the attack animation gets cut short and the "getting hit" animation isn't very long, this means recovery starts earlier than it otherwise would have been. This hypothesis is further supported by the fact that this effect is independent of the interruption strength of the weapon you're using; as well as the fact that it *is* dependent on how far into the attack animation you interrupt. If you wait slightly longer the drop in total duration is smaller, presumably because there is a shorter amount of attack animation that gets cut off (note that if the interruption happens during the attack animation but before B's hit has actually landed, the interrupt does work as it's supposed to).


Anyway, this is presumably rather beyond the scope of upcoming PoE patches (if any) to fix, but it still seems worth mention in light of PoE 2.

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