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Is it conceivable to do some NPC modding? I'd like to see some terse NPC conversations enhanced, such as in the Stronghold, and have some servants and wandering pets added. (Perhaps even some servants as prestige-only hirelings.)

"It has just been discovered that research causes cancer in rats."

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To completly rewrite the existing conversations you only need to change the .conversation and .stringtable files. For basic text and branching this is the easy part. Pre- and Post Conditions, Rewarding items and such needs the guid of the thing, for which i don't know if we can get a full list (with reasonable work).


Adding new conversations should need the guid of the NPC, most of them are in the existing files.


Adding new NPCs is currently not easy. It should somehow go in the map definition and i have absolutely no idea how to inject a full npc into the unity files.

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