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Insane game mechanics..



Academy (Easy Story mode, one monster) with Lem

First card is Goblin Warrior

Lem uses Web to move the goblin to the bottom.

Rolls to recharge Web: Lem uses Solo Performance and Kyra helps with Aid

Rolls to recharge Aid

Academy triggers the unbeaten card animation and shuffle the location deck (??? very bad feeling..)

Academy triggers AT_THIS_LOCATION condition and draw a new card (cause the first exploration wasn't a spell).

Goblin Warrior comes out again (!!! h.s. are you kidding me??... And I used 2 cards and recharged one..)


In the image you can see the last combat, with Lem's deck 4 of 6 cards and 0 discarded.


Seriously who wrote the code for you guys? Could you think about a public code repository for community programmers to help you debugging? They would really love to help, I m sure


Also, I wrote an other thread to suggest a tweak to the shuffle function cause clearly the statistic theory is out of the used algorithm... com'on 1/10 and he returned to the top?!


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