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His Old Self: Kaenra gone after meeting Purnisc



Steps I took:


Discovered Copperlane,

I went to Goose and Fox,

Met Kaenra, agreed to figure out whats up with her fiancé,

Went to his house,

Met fake Purnisc, he attacked, I killed him,

I went upstairs, found real Purnisc,

Told him "don't push your luck" when he told me to not tell Kaenra in exchange for a discout,

Afterwards, hes selling the drugs at 68cp,

I went back to Goose and Fox,

Kaenra is nowhere to be found.


The quest log says the quest is complete, with the last objective being:

"Find Kaenra in Copperlane; [...] I should find Kaenra and tell her what happened. I spoke with Kaenra earlier at the Goose and Fox."


Here's my savegame: http://puu.sh/qctOH/f942f7ad74.savegame

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Hey Tase,


Looking through your save and it reads like you refused to help Purnisc, the dialogue path you took may have sent Kaenra away. I know she will leave Defiance Bay if you don't help Purnisc lie. Looks like an Addendum may be missing from this particular quest path. We will see if we can get one written.


I got your back

- Sking

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