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Proving yourself in the jungle

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It reminds me very much of the unknown world in kotor, a little bit of a fore shadowing before a galaxy wide conflict that threatens to engulf the entire galaxy, and with your maze sweeping through the so called "proof" of your excellence and divinity before the guy calls you the sister of avner (Revan reworded) in the old republic novel, it's important to realize that one test among an ensemble of elite brethren and masquerading handmaidens.


So before you go up those sky ramps on the next world before their defense system shoots you down, it's not so much that the fights against the jungle creatures themselves threaten your very survival and existence, but that things like the dueling ring may cause me to slightly cheat, like activating battle meditation and force valor/speed before entering, thereby "cheating" the restriction where you must only use hands and such, or perhaps a sword if he uses one too.


Then I love the option of absolutely decimating everyone as a bloody option before even entering the camp, but then, you must stop before the peace of the settlers. Or maybe there's a jungle lever or switch held with the option of life versus, "haha, let's see you blow up your face"!


Being evil, and ignoring your fallen campers for a safe and reliant detour of breath, or just reminding yourself of the sun, and maybe looking over that deep korriban desert moon where all kinds of dangers await your arrival is that kind of "great and powerful stench", and ya, battling revan, or realizing your virtual visions of many futures, and even ramming the ebon hawk into uthar's room mixes and matches you.

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