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Saved Games Randomly Vanishing



I played for a few hours the other night, and I know I was saving to a particular save point.


I logged in tonight and that save game is completely gone.  However, every other save game is there - it is only the most recent save that is missing. 


In addition, I am unable to find the save game location in Windows 7.  The following forum suggests it is in C:\Users\[user Name]\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity.




But I have no such directory.  I note that I have installed Steam into a different folder than Program Files, as often the Program Files folder can cause issues with access control.  So maybe under these circumstances the save game folder is someplace else.


The vanished saved game is clearly a bug.  Developers: please address this issue, there is nothing worse than losing time spent playing the game.  If it happens again, I'll probably give up on this game until a new patch.  What's the point of having to replay all the time?  I'm not that far in, only at the ruins under the temple in the first town.



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Did the 'Continue' button also not load to where you left off? It might actually also be a problem with the Steam synching feature by the way, rather than with PoE itself. Which is no less annoying of course, but would be readily solved by turning the synching off.


In any case, to find your savegames you could also just search your system for 'Pillars' or '*.savegame' (I'd start by searching from the C:/users/[user name] folder, it's probably in there somewhere). I suspect the 'Saved Games' folder might be Window 8+, and Windows 7 still saves stuff in either My Documents or the appdata folder, probably appdata/local.

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"Saved Games" is one of the OS default directories even in Windows 7 (I'm using it).

Unless something weird happened to the game installation, the saves are there.

However, when the OS is in a language other than english "Saved Games" and "Users" are translated, and that can make less obvious locate them.

The Run command bypass that, or at least it should.

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