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Lost purchases



My access to the campaigns 1&2 has been revoked, as has my access to the additional characters I purchased. It happened after completing a mission in campaign 1. Restore purchases has failed to, well, restore purchases (even though it states that it has). I was playing the previous version When it happened (although I've updated it now to, around midnight, after playing less than an hour (not in background). I was signed in to Gamecenter.


PF-ID: BC57887F98B2BA95

On iPad 4, model MD510LL/A

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Hey ValTeixeria,


Welcome to the forums and thanks for joining us! I have added AD1 and 2 to your account as well as Lem. We did find some odd discrepancies in your account. Did you happen download the game from a 3rd party source? 


In the even when your purchases have been revoked, do you recall what happened after completing a scenario from the first campaign? What adventure was it? What characters were in your party? What difficulty were you playing on? Were you connected online? Any additional information would be helpful. 



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I downloaded it from the AppStore on the day it came out IIRC. I had all the characters except for the last 4 - still have some of them listed under my saved experienced characters.


It was the first scenario of AD1 played on Legendary difficulty. I used Lem and Merisol. I had finished the first two scenarios of ADA on legendary before that. I was connected through Game Center. The scenario ran as normal, gave me gold, let me deck manage, etc. But when it went back to the map, the levels were suddenly no longer available.


I also share my iPad with my wife and I wonder if a change in login may have been a part of or caused the discrepancies you've found?


Thanks for the help so far. If there's any information that would be useful to you, let me know.

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