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Damage bugs, quest mode progression completely blocked



Bug 1:

* I failed a combat check by 1. It was against a Bunyip.

* I was told to discard 1 card to damage.

* I discarded 1 card to damage

* I was told to discard 1 card to damage

* This repeated until I had no cards left at which point the game just froze instead.

* For this bug, I managed to restart then forfeit the game and move on.

* This was within two minutes of playing since the most recent update. I didn't report it at the time because there's so many bugs in this game it's not worth reporting anything that doesn't completely ruin everything. I mention it now because it might be related.


Bug 2:

* I failed a combat check by 1. It was against a Goblin Raider, summoned by the barrier that summons one for everyone. It was the last of the goblins summoned.

* I discarded 1 card to damage.

* I was told to bury a card, because of the scenario power that says you have to bury a card when you discard to damage.

* I bury the card.

* The game animates an encountered card being banished, and at the same time the deck being shuffled (for no clear reason) and then I find myself unable to progress. The game still responds by making sounds and flashing some things which I tap on, but I can't open any menus or do anything at all.

* Closing and re-opening gets me back to the step where I am told to bury a card. I can't forfeit. I am no longer able to play the game on quest mode at all because I just return to this blocked situation.


While I'm here, some other bugs I've noticed:

* I failed the start of turn check at Mountain Peak by 1. I buried a luckstone to succeed at the check (for no good reason, but it was the card I wanted to bury anyway), only to be told to bury another card anyway.

* When the scenario power is active where you roll a red d6 after encountering a henchman and on a 1,2, or 3 discard a card from the blessings deck, when you encounter a henchman summoned by a barrier, you are given an opportunity to close the location. I'm not 100% sure whether this happened since the last patch though (the others I'm quite sure).




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