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the proposal to change



Repulsing Seal:

1 version:do not change the radius of action but increase the effect time and accuracy(this option is combined with Slicken)


2  version:To increase the radius of action but keep the accuracy and the duration(if there is not a wizard)

3  version:just slightly increase the radius of action(a compromise solution)


Now the radius is small and the effect time little!(Slicken much better)


Salvation of Time:

-to increase the duration to 15 seconds.

-It is better to leave 10 seconds but to associate with intelligence!!!


Equipment with spells:

-do not hide in a folder in the form of a backpack spells from equipment.I find it very uncomfortable.Must be in a conspicuous place.Make the ability to make them visible for people like me(that would have been not in a folder with a picture of a backpack)

Well made viewing passive bonus in a folder in the form of a backpack(bow with electric discharge,armor with a bonus to knowledge and the like)


  Thank you for viewing!

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