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Achievements are not unlocking



I play on PotD+TCS (3.02) with my Bleak Walker, i finished many quest and the achievment are not activated :( 

1. The Heir of the Caed Nua (I won the Battle oy Yenwood)

2. The Siege of Cräghold (I killed Concelhaut)

3. Wtcher of the Breach, Herald of the Old Flame (I finished WM1)


Whats the problem? :( How can i fix this? Please help!!

Thank you!

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Have you entered any console commands? They will disable Achievements. If you send me your save file I can check for you.


I got your back


Im so stupid, Steam has syncronized itself, i have received all of the missing achievments.

The problem was that (i think) i have been playing the game in 2 different countries, and the steam-system didnt refreshed.... :facepalm: 


Im so sorry for the hasty post...im a bit impatient :blink: 


Thank you very much for the fast answer!!!

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Hello, fellow Watchers!

I have the exact same issue of achievements not unlocking. Actually, I'm not really sure whether I should post this here (because it's the same issue) or start a new post (because it's not really an "answer"). But I chose to post it here because I know how maddening it can be, both for the support team and for players with similar issues, to see the same issue repeated over thousands of topics scattered across thousands of forums, most of them lying empty because the answer probably was elsewhere... 😕

ANYWAY, the issue is as simple and complex as Pillars of Eternity's achievements not unlocking. It's not as simple as it looks because I already ruled out several possible causes:

(1) I am playing on my PC, not on a console. I did read people complaining about their achievements not unlocking specifically on consoles (like here, for instance), but I play PoE only on the PC.

(2) I've never opened the game from a shortcut on the desktop, so the solution presented here does not apply because I've always opened the game through the launcher (GOG, in my case).

(3) On my first playthrough alone, I played more than 85 hours over the course of several days, so it's not an issue of requirements not met (I double checked and I'm eligible for several of them) or the client taking a bit more of time to syncronize or refresh the achievement list.

(4) I've never activated the "iroll20s" command on the console. I did occasionally activate the console by accidentally pressing ', but I've never entered any commands on it.

(5) I've added GOG's client and launcher to my antivirus' list of trusted exceptions.

(6) Most complaints I read are about achievements not unlocking on Steam (here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/2949168661149039691/), but my client is GOG and I have the issue anyway.

(7) I opened a support ticket on GOG, which is still open, but I already received an e-mail "just to let me know" my ticket is currently being processed. I think this is quite ominous and means the answer will be "sorry bro, we're as clueless as you are". It reminded of Dilbert's fancy little cloud of doom...


(8) I've tried a whole new playthrough just to see if it works, and it didn't. To quickly check this, I ran to Gilded Vale and hired an adventurer, but, nope, the Make an Adventurer achievement did not unlock. At first, I thought it was because the eligibility requirement was to recruit "from the Adventurer's Hall", but I checked that this is just a small inconsistency because the Adventurer's Hall was an early concept that got dropped during development; creating an adventurer from any Inn should unlock the achievement for anyone. Well, anyone but me. 😞

The only thing that gives me hope is that, in spite of having seen several people complaining about achievements not unlocking, most of the topics have died out years ago, which makes me believe that, yes there might be a solution of some kind. The exception is that poor fellow complaining I mentioned above, who complained about that as recently 2021, but I hope we'll both get solutions!

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I forgot to add Dilbert's fancy little cloud of doom after I said I received an "ominous" e-mail from GOG's support team. I had to edit it a second time because the image did not load properly on the first edit.
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