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Progression lost? Cannot continue party in campaign mode + quest heroes disappeared



Hi there!


As described in the title, all my hero progression seems to be lost. :/

  • When I click "Continue" on the main screen, nothing happens.
  • When I click "Story" and want to select my party, that screen is empty.
  • When I click "Quest", my experienced characters are gone.
  • Total gold earned displays correctly.

I played the game on 2 different devices, most of it yesterday on the other device, and when I tried logging in today on the original device, well all was gone. :(


Anything I can do?




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Purchased Lini with gold and started a new campaign party with her (using the old Merisiel), thus far this party is still there. ;)


In quest mode however, my experienced characters still didn't recover any of their progression (cards, XP or levels) - any ideas on how those might get restored?

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Be very sure that both accounts Are exacly same in the both devices. The google account and the google play account have to be same with both devices and the Also have to be active in both devices.

They are both on the exact same Google Play Account. Weird thing is that gold is always the same, however character progression or parties are not, up to seemingly randomly deleting experienced quest characters that I exclusively played on the same device. :/

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*Taking deep deep breaths*


It did it again. All the progress I made in the campaign (4 scenarios) on one device are completely reset on the other device BUT for the gold earned. (Couldn't check the first yet.)


This super fragging annoying.


Obsidian, I really really really really really really want to like your game and throw money at it, however in its current state that is impossible.


Could someone please acknowledge the problem at least and that this is potentially being looked into? Not even asking for a fix...


I want to be your customer, please let me.



Edit: Progress appeared again on the 2nd device... :D

If I could have an statement like "it may take up to 24 hours to sync" or "known issues, working on it, you'll never actually lose stuff", that would go a long way in me making a purchase!

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