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Unable to start Here Comes the Flood





I have been unable to start playing the Here Comes the Flood scenario in story mode - the game always crashes before the first character starts its turn (therefore, before the autosave feature kicks in).


I know I have been trying to play on an below-spec system (I have a 1st-gen iPad Mini), but since it is unlikely that I buy another iPad just to play Pathfinder (that would cost way more than the 25 bucks you charge for the full game), I am left wondering: for when should I expect the Steam version to be released?  :geek:






PS: As recommended, I have turned the 'Effects' off; not only performance didn't improve but also I didn't notice anything different within the game. What are these 'Effects' supposed to be?

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I had the same experience on my iPad mini. The animations are cute and all but I wish you could skip them, it would probably help this. I did find I could eventually get through it with enough attempts.


As far as I can guesstimate it's running out of memory that causes many of the crashes, so closing other applications might help?

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Thank you for your tips - I will try to close all the other apps and, if that's not enough, maybe download the emulator. For me, Pathfinder has been a great experience eroded by the frustration of so many crashes...



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