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Lini Mountain Peak Survival skill bonus incorrect



This is a new one on me.


Lini, playing solo, normal mode, last scenario of adventure 3.


At the Mountain Peak. Took damage in a fight, discarded animal ally.


Start of turn roll: Survival 7 or bury a card.  Lini has +3 Wisdom, Survival: Wisdom + 2. So her bonus on the Survival 7 check is +5. She just has to roll at least a 2 on a d10. Rolls: 1. (Is this a surprise?) Buries inflict.


Uneventful turn. Next turn: Screen indicates Survival roll bonus is +4 (the red box in the center of the screen). Huh? Check the skill listed for the check: Wisdom +3, Survival +5. Switch to Wisdom skill. The red box indicates the bonus is +2.

Quit game, reenter game to see if condition clears. Survival roll bonus is now +3. Switch to Wisdom skill. Bonus is +1.

Quit game, reenter game. No change.




PFID  DD78F74D1342CD6B

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