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Get out of Breith Eaman? Djesus!



U guys need to fix some stairs or anything to get out from that pit... ive just enjoyed over 30+ hours in this game.. amazing btw! But then i came to the end... and i dont want to have 100 diffrent autosaves so i change my saves to just one. This is where it gets frustrated... ive baught the "March" campaine both 1-2 and i continue the main storie because i was so naive to think that the March campaines comes after the first main story as all games. I jumped down the pit... and here i am... whit ****loads of content to do and have fun with but stuck in the end game last scene. how is this possible? Even if there was a save there should be a way out. Im not gona replay 30+ hours of gameplay when im satisfied whit my group and the things they done to get that armor and eq they have right now. Thats just totaly BS! i mean it in every sense of the word... How the hell can u do this... people need to get out and play the content they payed for! Hope that other people in my perdicament can speak out here... i need a patch to fix this because im not gona continue in playing this game if not that is fixed. Frustrating as hell. Pitty i liked the game... and i would like to continue enjoying the content that i never will enjoy and that i payed for :( 


Fix a got dame ladder in there so i can continue my Adventure! 


peace out... for god.

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