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Character level reseted in Quest Mode : About to cry.



Hey guys.


So, here I am, farming quest mode pretty hard for the last days, waiting for new content. And for all those who played Quest Mode, you know how long it can take to grind your character, and how repetitive this grind can feel.

Well, after a hard session I had 3 character level 22, and one lvl 21. I then didn't launch the game for two days. Until today, I log in and...My character are level 19 or 18. If I were to make a Wild guess, I'd say that it's about at least 5h of game that disapeared, not counting all the card added to the decks. 

As you can guess, I'm kind of mad, since the purpose of those kind of game is totally defeated when your advancement fail to be saved. I don't even know how is it possible to rollback so far. 


So, here are my question : Is there anyway to get my save back ? I'm so dissapointed right now that I feel like quitting a game that I really like out of utter frustration. Also, is there any chance for this to happend again, and what can I do to prevent it from happening ever again ?


For information I'm on an IOS 9.3 Ipad AIR 2. Permadeath is off, and the party consist of Paladin, Rogue, Cleric and Sorcerer.


Thanks for the help.

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Had this once..when my connection in a hotel was clunky. Lost 5 levels..the game was warning me back and forth between good and bad connection but always they tally and add my gold so i thought my connection was good every scenario end. Travelled a couple days without playing and when i logged back in..its as if ididnt farm..gold ntact but levels gone

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