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No gold in quest mode



When I finish a quest in quest mode, I see the gold reward screen show 0 gold being added to a total of 0 gold, resulting in 0 gold (at least the math is right). Note that both the gold displayed and gold rewarded are wrong (both showing zero). I'm logged in at the time, no disconnect warnings, and when I go back to the menu it displays my current gold correctly.


It used to happen occasionally, and I'd thought that I checked once whether gold was actually being added in these cases (despite what's shown) and it was. However, whether that was true at the time or not, now it's happening almost every single time, and when I check my gold total it hasn't changed.


I'm playing quest mode, legendary difficulty, with a three player party Lem, Valeros and Merisiel, all level 12 currently. I mention this mostly because it seems to have been happening since about when I started using that party, but it's probably not relevant.


I searched for other threads about lost gold, even found one of my own posts about another problem in the process, but none of them described quite what I'm seeing with the 0 plus 0 gold animation. I don't even care that much about the gold at this point it's just irritating seeing that I should be getting it and not. Also the economy is really the one place you should be taking bugs particularly seriously...




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hard close the app and connect again.  I've noticed that sometimes if I leave it suspended for a while, the connection disconnects silently, the game thinks it's still connected but doesn't award gold properly.


Ok, this did in fact work, thanks!

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