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Perhaps it is a bug, or perhaps user error. I have completed both brigandoom and the poison pill, but have never been promoted to add the skill feats, and i cannot figure out how to do so. Clicking on the skill bars in the character profiles does nothing. Can someone give me explicit directions as to when and how you are supposed to apply the kill feats?


Thank you.

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Brigandoom gives random item, poison bill gives random weapon. Why do you think that you should get skill feat?

You get your first skill feat when you do perills of the lost coast. Aka you do all the scenarios that belong to that adventure. Brigandoom, poison bill and the back fang.


Every scenario has its own reward that you get after you do the scenario.

3-5 scenarios Are together a adventure. You get adventure reward when you do all of those scenarios.

6 adventures is a addventure paths. You get adventure Path reward when you do all those adventures.

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