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Kyra's "Dawnflower's Favor" resetting encounters



I've had this happen to me semi-frequently using Kyra's "Dawnflower's Favor" ability, this is just the info for the most recent:


Stage: Them Oger's Ain't Right (Legendary difficulty)

Wild Cards: Driving Rain, Night approaches

(As I said this has happened to me multiple times, I don't think it's the particular stage or wildcards, but there they are)


Team (in turn order): Lem, Kyra, Merisiel

Location: Woods

Encounter: Slashing Blade


It's Kyra's turn, on her exploration she encounters a Slashing Blade trap. (I do not remember if it was her first explore or if she discarded "Jakardros Sovark" after her first explore and this is her second.) Kyra Discards Blessing of Sarenrae, Lem discards a blessing (I think Shelyn) and Merisiel discards a blessing (I think Erastil). Kyra rolls 4d4 and gets 12, beating the trap. When asked Blessing of Sarenrae is recharged (using Kyra's "Dawnflower's Favor" ability).

Recharge animation shows as normal but the slashing blade card does not crumble as normal when defeated, it just disappears. The top of the explore deck flashes as if it's Kyra's turn to explore, and when tapped she encounter's the Slashing Blade trap again. The cards that were discarded to pass the check the first time are still in the discard piles.


This doesn't happen every time Kyra use's "Dawnflower's Favor", but when it does happen it tends to be on traps or henchmen, typically when multiple cards have been used to add to the check. However, this could just be because those are the checks that I am more likely to use her blessings for. I have not encountered this with boons, but I rarely use blessings for boons. It also doesn't have to be Kyra's turn, it has caused encounters to reset for other party members as well with the cards used previously lost.

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