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Quests completely frozen



Being at my folks' place for the weekend, I started playing about a dozen quests, Google Nexus 7 (Android 6.0.1), but on my most recent one, I had to select an item or weapon for Seelah to bury. I selected a sword, but then my GUI got weird -


The screen went to the scenario map, but while the character tokens were there, the locations were invisible or gone. Also, Seelah's deck was still on screen, as was "choose one card to bury", but there are 0 things that I can "click" on; can't pick anything, can't play anything, can't examine the deck/discards, can't go to the store, and can't open the "quit/forfeit/vault/etc." menu. When I shut down the app, it goes right back to that situation.


I can still start and play the AP, but no matter what I do, my quests always go back to their "stuck" state.


Help? Thanks in advance!

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Just has happened to me as well


I turned the app off whilst it was at the rewards screen. Then when I restarted it took me back to beating the Villian. Then After my completing the rewards it took me to the story mode map screen. Every time I click on quest now it takes me to the same story mode screen.


Even more bizarre in Story Mode now it gives me the option of selecting the 6 characters I was using on that last quest! I have not dared using them for fear of corrupting it further. Average level of the 6 Charecters is lvl 30 so hopefuly they can be saved!

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