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[v3.02] Crash on Exit



PillarsOfEterni[6609]: segfault at 7f0a0001018b ip 00007f0b6a32fbd6 sp 00007fff51f548b0 error 4 in libc-2.23.so[7f0b6a2b0000+1c0000]

Any chance to fix one or two hopefully easy ones form my huge log?


Like:  ModifiedStat 'BonusMeleeDamageMult' is obsolete. Message: 'Use BonusMeleeWeaponDamageMult instead.'.
or: CRE_Misshapen_Construct_Dead doesn't have an audio source! It can't play footstep sounds.
or: Vocalization class FleshConstruct isn't valid for audio! The requested value 'FleshConstructAbility' was not found.

or that: ERROR: Exception in StatusEffect.ClearEffect(), please fix! Attempting to gracefully continue. (which continued, but not gracefully, the ubuntu bug report gave up with an "not enough storage" hint)


Player log is compressed with xz, its 1,3mb unpacked, and renamed to txt because this forum …


Last savegame: 42b22c6f-3680-4dd7-a49a-1408907b52c9 autosave_2.savegame


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