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Non-Treasure Chest Cards Disappearing During Initial Deck Building

The Chu


I just opened a bunch of treasure chests and have tried starting a new party. While in the initial deck building screen, I was playing around with different combinations when I noticed that cards I was taking out of the decks would eventually disappear from the vault, effectively preventing them from being added again. This only happens with non-treasure chest cards, though.


Steps to reproduce:

1) Start a new Story game

2) Create a new party. Easiest way is to add one character (for example, Amiri)

3) On the world map, tap the deck button

4) Select any card type (for example, Armor)

5) Remove the cards that come with the character by default

6) Add other cards from the vault to the deck (for example, 2 Chain Mails)

7) Tap on another Available type (for example, Weapons)

8) Tap back onto the first type (Armor)

9) Remove the cards from the deck (the 2 Chain Mails). You can either replace them or keep it empty

10) Again, tap on another Available type (for example, Weapons)

11) Again, tap back on the first type (Armor)

12) This results in the removed cards no longer showing up in the vault at all. The 2 Chain Mails have disappeared.


Again, treasure chest cards are not affected, so Superior Leather Armors would still be present. By repeating these steps, you can essentially make every non-treasure chest basic card disappear during the initial deck building stage. I also don't remember encountering this bug before ever purchasing chests, even though I did open the first initial chest.


Corollary bug discovered during these steps: Treasure chest cards replenish to their value after swapping types. This allows every character in the party to have treasure chest cards such as Superior Leather Armor, even if there are only 2 in the vault. I'm unsure if this is actually intended or not.

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