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Quest progression blocked



Playing in quest mode, on iPad, ios9 with latest update


My party has 2 characters at max level, 2 at level 4 and one lower. When rewards start, I get the money and the screen progresses to card rewards. The lowest level gets its card reward (the only char to get one of this card type) and then on to the next screen which is a different card for the next two characters. Maybe not exactly level 4 but higher level than the first char. Now no matter which char I select, the card flies off the screen and now there is no way to progress. This is just like a glitch in version 1.02.


I refuse to lose my 4 max level characters by deleting the app. So now I'm stuck with collecting daily reward and playing in story mode.

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It's supposed to be fixed in next patch, but lucky for you there is a walkaround that you can already use now : when you select the reward for the lower level character, don't click immediatly on the "continue" arrow to the right, first click on the higher level character (the one whose reward flies off the screen) to select him (it will be in red, but is still selectable).


Only once you selected the new character should you click on the continue arrow, this time the card reward should appear normally and be clickable.

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