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Brodert Quink - stuck on Confirm this Action



In Foul Misgivings, Seoni is at the Academy with 8 cards in the location deck.


She tries to bury Brodert Quink.  I'm not sure if she succeeded in placing him in the sandpile or not, but he wound up on the left side of the hand of cards.  A prompt says "Confirm this action?".  I can't do anything to clear the prompt.  Clicking on the right-pointing triangle on the right of the screen just makes a little clicking noise and neither the prompt nor the rightward triangle disappears.


fortunately closing the app and re-entering it cleared the problem.



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Experiencing this as well. If Bodert is played as a Bury then sent to the discard pile as a result of a successful Knowledge roll. He remains stuck there and can not be moved back in play by Lem's exchange power or by Ameiko Kaijitsu or Cyrdak Drokkus. Using either of these card or a location power to will lock up if Bodart is the only choice to select as a discard. Outside of this, Playing a Cure will return Bordart back to the the  Draw Pile as normal. All these powers seem to work as normal if Brodert is just discarded to explore. 

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