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Quest mode - power reward bug when two characters level to 31 and 25



I was playing quest mode with a party of 6 on normal difficulty: Seoni 25, Meri 30, val 27, lini, 24, seelah 23, and sajan 5.


Upon completing the scenario, sajan leveled up to 8, seelah hit 24, meri hit 31, and lini hit 25. I had no problem getting the reward cards for sajan and seelah. When it came to leveling up meri and lini getting role cards and power feat respectively, I was able to select a role card for meri and pick a power feat, but when it came time to select lini's, the power feat section wouldn't scroll up (the screen was on her beast mode section) and select the weapon or armor feat. I selected the role section and then warden and then her role card popped up. Again, I wasn't able to scroll. I tried to select skill and card feat tabs and then go back and same thing. I quit the game and went back into the victory screen and assigned the same things that I did previously and hit the same problem. The only way to get passed the screen was to select a role and a power feat on that role card (as I couldn't scroll). I then went to check her power feats afterwards and she doesn't have the role card or new power feat. 


I guess it doesn't really matter since she doesn't and won't have any armors or weapons anyway, but I would really hate to have this happen to a character who needs all of their power feats like val

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