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Black Magga in quest mode (also quest mode locations?)

Doc Mage


I did get Black Magga as the villain in quest mode, with Nightbelly Boas as henchmen. Defeating Black Magga with nowhere for it to escape did not end the scenario. I was able to win by closing every location by going through cards (was very close). BM is still a villain though, so if he is defeated and can't escape that should be it.


Also why are we getting such a lack of diversity in quest mode locations (level 37 at the moment.)? Is that possibly working as intended?

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Can 2nd this one.... At least sort off


I faced Black Magga but did not close all locations. Once he was defeated he did not 'run away' to a new location. Instead the card was detroyed (same visual effect). The villain/henchman reshuffling did not occur.


I did not manage to close all locations so not sure if i would have won.

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