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Blessing of Gods: Iomedae gave two dice on "Wisdom" check at Desecrated Vault



Lem was trying to close Desecrated Vault - this is a difficulty 6 Wisdom/Divine Check.


Started out with appropriate Divine die (Charisma die +2 (1 for divine, 1 for charisma)


Recharged "Sage" which boosts Wisdom check.  This turned my roll into 2d6 (d6 Wisdom + d6 Sage).  Name of check also changes from "Divine" to "Wisdom".


Valeros played Blessing of the Gods, duplicating Iomedae from the top of the blessings deck (+2 non-combat Charisma check).  This incorrectly gave me 2d6, to a total of 4d6 on a wisdom check.  Iomedae could have given me 2 dice to my divine check (since it's Charisma), but my check was Wisdom, not Divine, so it should have only been 1 die, for a total of 3d6.





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