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Seelahs Inspired grace



It seems that seelahs inspired grace ability doesn't work correctly. I'm playing a single-character story-mode and fairly consistantly using inspired grace screws up the check. Specifically when I use it, often the check changes to whatever check is associated with the top card of the deck. (The name of this card is displayed so it actually also lets you see what is on top of the deck.)


Basic info:

1-character story mode (Seelah)

playing on Ipad pro


Specific occurance:

Playing into the mountains on location Mountain Peak

the location has a start of turn check which is wisdom (survival) 7. I use inspired grace for an extra d6+1 and the check changes to "Zombie horde" with type of the check being "None" at difficulty 0. I only have the d6+1 from the inspired grace available, passing that check makes me pass the start of location check. Upon exploring Zombie horde was indeed the top card of the deck

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